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Sazka Arena, Prague (Czech Republic)

Parquet in coffee bars, restaurant and management boxes in the SAZKA ARENA in Prague.

  • Brand: UZIN, Pallmann
  • Country: International

An official gala opening of the gigantic multi-purpose hall in Prague - Vysočany took place on 27th March 2004. This district, so far known as a rather unattractive industrial area, neglected from the urban point of view, has gained a new, modern architectural feature in the Sazka Arena, which has changed the whole nature of the surrounding area and brought an up-to-date look to this location.

It is doubtless that the crowds of both national and foreign tourists who arrive in Prague every year to admire an inexhaustible amount of historical buildings and monuments will extend their programme to visit the ultra-modern sport, cultural, and social object. However, Prague has something to show and be proud of and those who have participated to a greater or lesser extent in realizing this noble building can be proud, too.

With a little bit of exaggeration, one can say that the first concert was not the performance of the music group Olympic, which played there on the 23rd March 2004, but the "symphony" of professions and crafts that have turned the idea of a hall from a project into reality.

Playing a role in this "symphony" was the Drevovýroba Podzimek, s.r.o. Company, which laid wooden blocks made of an exotic wood Yatoba (Brazil cherry-tree) and their following surface treatment using the Pallmann Soyabase Plus natural oil-wax-combination. In view of the special conditions required to carry out the parquet work, the company workers had to carry out a variety of their work activities during the night, when the hustle and bustle of everyday building activity at the site calmed down and it was possible to work "undisturbed".

Each step of the laying technology and parquet surface treatment can be illustrated e.g. by the work on the area of approximately 430 sq. m on the floor of the first ambit, in the area of three large snack bars.

The structural building base was made of concrete slab, spattled with a cement self-levelling screed. Onto this cover floor, the Uzin MK 92 S two-part parquet polyurethane adhesive was applied using the B11 toothed spattle indented spattle, into which each wooden block was set in the direction on the strap. Since this adhesive contains neither water nor dissolvent, and thus does not burden the wooden material with moisture during hardening, this made it possible to proceed to the parquet grinding within 24 or 48 hours after its adhesion.

The jointing compound created by mixing up an uncontaminated abrasion dust, which was obtained during grinding with the grain 80, and the Pallmann Uni-Kitt solvent based joint adhesive solution was used for puttying of joints. After each grinding, the dust remnants were thoroughly removed from the surface using an industrial vacuum cleaner.

Onto this perfectly ground and clean base, the Pallmann Soyabase Plus impregnating combination was applied by smooth stainless spattle in two layers, while the period of drying between the single coats was approximately one hour. Finally, the oil-impregnated area was polished by a single-wheel grinding machine with white pad after approximately 45 minutes of the drying period. This resulted in a parquet floor with excellent impregnation and optics, a heavy-duty surface, and a surface at the same time emphasizing the warm atmosphere of the surrounding area.

The visitors can view the results of the perfectly crafted parquet using advanced technology and high-quality materials not only when sitting at the bar, but also in the Lokomotivka restaurant lounge with an artefact of the factory machine hammer, which commemorates the original ÄŒKD factory that stood on the site of the present-day modern building. The exotic parquets with the oil paint can be also found in the exclusive management box of SAZKA ARENA.

To preserve the excellent appearance and long lifetime of the wooden floors, it is necessary to maintain them regularly and professionally using Pallmann detergents and curing compounds, with particular regard to their all year round load-bearing.

  • Object: Sazka Arena, Prague
  • Floor-laying and parquet works subcontractor: Drevovyroba Podzimek, s.r.o.
  • Flooring materials: Yatoba (brazil cherry-tree)
  • Building chemistry: Uzin, s.r.o. - UZIN MK 92 S two-component parquet polyurethane adhesive, Pallmann Soyabase Plus natural oil-wax combination, Pallmann Uni-Kitt solvent based joint adhesive solution for parquet flooring