Efficient working
In comparison to conventional wood flooring sanding machines the PALLMANN COBRA has been designed in such a way that it makes effective use of its full 190mm sanding width.

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Pilatus aircraft works 

2,600 sqm sealed with PALL-X 98 of the PALLMANN brand

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The right product for wood floors …

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"twitter-box" in Cologne

3,700 square metres sealed in the "twitter-box" in Cologne with the PALL-X NANO sealer manufactured by PALLMANN

  • Building Type: Others
  • Pad: Wood flooring
  • Brand: Pallmann
  • City: 50000

The basic concept of the TRIOTOP industrial estate and landscaped setting is to provide premises for conversion; accommodating different sorts of working patterns and lifestyles to satisfy the changing requirements of the modern world of work. It was created in 2001 in Vogelsang, a part of Cologne. The "twitter-box" loft building, which forms the heart of the project, creates the foundation for the perfect combination of the world of work surrounded by modern architecture and relaxation in a landscaped recreation area.  The building consists of units, which are combined with one another, in different ways.

In order to do justice to the developer’s specifications and to draw attention to the fascinating architecture, the floor laying company Burger Fußbodentechnik GmbH in Kürten-Broich decided to use the product “Combination for strength” from Pallmann, to seal the parquet flooring.  It consists of the products Pall-X Kitt, Pall-X 325 (Primer) and Pall-X Nano (Sealer). The highly resistant sealer provides the engineered oak flooring with total protection against mechanical loads, as a result of its nano-particles.

Treatment of bare wood

Before polishing could commence, the newly-laid parquet flooring was roughly sanded with a floor sanding machine, using a Pallmann 40 abrasive belt. Following that, the semi-finished sanding was then continued using a 60 abrasive belt.   The filler was subsequently mixed with fine sanding dust to a workable consistency for the parquet layers and then the entire parquet flooring was filled with a flexible stainless Pallmann filling trowel.

After around 20 minutes’ drying time, the surface was sanded with a 100 abrasive belt. The flooring was fine sanded with a single disc sander using a 120 sanding disc.

Primer coat
Having removed the sanding dust with a suitable vacuum cleaner, work began on priming the surface.  At this stage a coat of water-based single pack primer Pall-X 325 was applied evenly using an application roller for water-based coatings to create a deep finish.  The primer, which guarantees a flawless appearance and which distinguishes itself by having  very good filling properties, was ready for a coat of varnish after just two hours.

Sealing with Pall-X Nano
The finish applied to the oak parquet flooring was the sealant Pall-X Nano.  By applying nano-technology and using this product, a scratch-resistant surface is produced which is characterised by its low dirt absorption level.
The first coat of Pall-X Nano was evenly applied with an application roller for water-based varnishes, to create a deep finish. The parquet specialists began at the edge of the floor, rolling the product across the grain and then alternately along the grain. Coverage was about 120 ml per square metre.
After drying overnight the sealed floor was given a semi-finish sanding with a single disc machine (120 sanding pad). Then the sanding dust was removed with an industrial vacuum cleaner and another coat of Pall-X Nano was applied, using the same method as for the first coat.

By using the “Stength Combination“ the “twitter-box“ is now equipped for the future. The elaborate architecture in combination with unusually sturdy flooring creates a heavy-duty surface which is at the same time visually appealing.

Maintenance: care and cleaning
In order to guarantee that the oak parquet flooring will have a lengthy service life, the contractor has provided approved tried and tested care instructions for sealed wooden flooring prepared by Pallmann.  By following the care instruction schedule designed for the requirements of the property, there is nothing to prevent the floor from having the best possible care and cleaning.

Floor laying company Burger Fußbodentechnik GmbH
The company was established in 1962 and it now has 21 employees.  It is based in Kürten-Broich in Bergisches Land, near the Rhine.  It specialises in screed flooring and flooring covers such as parquet flooring, laminate flooring, cork flooring and carpeting.  Burger Fußbodentechnik GmbH has a respectable list of references such as the AXA Lebensversicherung AG building on the Börsenplatz in Cologne, as well as the BKK Ford building, which is also in Cologne.

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