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Oil-wax combination that leaves an open, breathing and diffusive surface finish. Due to the wax content, a uniform matt, velvety surface is produced. With MAGIC OIL 2K, thanks to the hardener component, very rapid

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Würzburg, 27.10.2015 - PALL-X 98 GOLD for wood floors in the most demanding situations

PALLMANN crowns the lacquer

A 2-component wood floor lacquer is the best choice when it comes to a high wear and chemical resistant, easily maintained wood floor. PALLMANN offers the 2-component wood floor lacquer PALL-X 98, that has proven its abilities for years around the world. Thanks to intensive Research and Development work, the German wood floor specialists were able to further improve the lacquer in the important areas of levelling, easy application and fast curing. The new version of the 2-component lacquer has been on the market since the beginning of 2015 and contractors, technicians and end users are amazed about the surfaces that have been coated with PALL-X 98. Confident PALLMANN now adds “GOLD” to the product name.

“The primary objective in the development of PALLMANN products is maximum application security for the contractor” explains Stefan Neuberger, managing director of PALLMANN. “Our products and systems guarantee the best work result for our customers in the industry. For this reason our water-based hardwood floor lacquers like PALL-X 98, which are proven and successful in the market over many years, have been only slightly modified over time, and then only changed when it was absolutely necessary. The international success of the products confirms that our strategy was the correct one.”

„Now we are sure, that the new version of our 2-component lacquer and
the addition to the name, under-line our position as a premium supplier.” states Neuberger. „With our technical expertise and together with our customers, we have taken another major step forward into the future of hardwood floor lacquers.”

PALL-X 98 GOLD has a VOC-content blow 5 % and is therefore marked with Emicode EC 1R Plus. The 2-component-system is very fast drying, has a short cure time and thanks to its resistance to extremely high degrees of chemical wear and abrasion, it is ideal for heavily used wood floor areas in industrial, retail, hospitality markets and schools.

The 20 minutes recommendation for a better application
The excellent flow, fill and levelling properties of PALL-X 98 guarantee an easy application and ensure a perfect, easy to clean surface. And the result can even be improved, when you give the mixed 2-components approx. 20 minutes maturing time after mixing. The reason for this is the chemically induced change in the application properties of 2-component lacquers by the mixing of the two components A and B. After mixing the two components A u. B, the viscosity of 2K systems increases. After 10 - 20 minutes
of maturing time, the best application properties are guaranteed. Jochen Röck, Head of PALLMANN technical department therefore advises: "Give your end users 20 minutes and you get an exceptional wood floor surface." And he adds with a smile: "Actually, it's just like a good red wine – and takes a little time to achieve the perfect finish"