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In comparison to conventional wood flooring sanding machines the PALLMANN COBRA has been designed in such a way that it makes effective use of its full 190mm sanding width.

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2,600 sqm sealed with PALL-X 98 of the PALLMANN brand

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PALL-X 98 beautifully enhances parquet floor in iconic hotel by Lake Geneva

The product of choice to renovate the 170sqm parquet floor in the “Salon de Viennoise” in the Grand Hotel du Lac in Vevey on the Northern shores of Lake Geneva was the water-based, two component, wood floor lacquer, PALL-X 98 from PALLMANN.

  • Brand: Pallmann
  • Country: International

The 5 star Grand Hotel du Lac in Vevey, erected in 1868, is situated directly on the shores of Lake Geneva and combines the charm of the 19th century with contemporary comfort and style.

The hotel offers over 50 individually furnished rooms, including 9 suites and junior suites with spectacular views over the Lake Geneva, the French Alps or the town of Vevey near Lausanne. Several restaurants, a bar, a lounge and the oriental salon provide pampering and relaxation for hotels guests.

The main objective of this parquet floor refurbishment in the “Salon de Viennoise” was to reinstate the exclusive historical appearance of the 19th century. It was quickly established that only a premium product should be used for the sealing of the oak parquet which was not only laid in a herringbone pattern but also contained a border and frieze as well as an integrated Wenge fillet pattern.. Following the recommendation from the parquet laying company it was identified that the most suitable for this kind of project was the water-based, wood floor lacquer Pall-X 98 from Pallmann.

Subfloor preparation and adhesive fixing

In order to lay the 170sqm of 22mm thick solid oak parquet it was necessary to renew the sub-floor level screed prior to laying and adhering the parquet. Owing to the detailed and intricate floor design involving the working in of borders, freeze and integrated Wenge fillet patterns, the knowledge and expertise of the professionals of the Firma CB Concept Sárl from Villeneuve / Switzerland proved crucial to ensure the original 19th century appearance was recreated.


After subfloor preparation and the laying of the parquet floor the work progressed to filling the joints in the newly laid floor.

Most crucial here was the selection of the most suitable timber filler to ensure excellent endurance and elasticity so as to reduce future shrinkage in the sealed gaps, a requirement the joint filler from Pallmann fulfils perfectly. 

Oil primer Pall-X 333

After filling the floor the floor was primed. The client requested the application of a solvent free priming coat to prepare the floor. In addition, the treatment also needed to intensify the timber characteristics in a natural yet vivid way, resulting in warm hues with simultaneous enhancement of the integrated border and patterns.

The product which fulfilled all these requirements is the easily-applied 2K-Oil-priming coat Pall-X-333.

After filling and sanding of the floor, but just before the primer application, the entire floor was wiped with a very slightly damp mop with clear water to open the grain and attain an even but intense ehancement. This step also helps to soften abrasion marks and provides a more consistent look to the floor surface. After preparatory works were completed the application itself could start in areas no larger than 35 square metres using the specially designed Pallmann spatula. The surface then had to dry for approximately 25 minutes before any excess material could be removed using a Pallmann beige cleaning pad. In the next step, approximately 20 minutes later, the area is again polished using the Pallmann white cleaning pad, to ensure a consistent appearance. In addition to this a commercially available cotton cloth helped to bring the polishing process to a satisfactory close. After the floor received optimal preparation and a necessary 12 hours intermediate drying time, the final lacquer coat could be applied.

Coating the floor with PALL-X 98

The final sealing of the floor had to provide best protection for this highly frequented room as the „Salon de Viennoise“ is a venue for several events including weddings and conferences. The nature of these events means that any lacquer had to be strongly resistant but also solvent free. It was therefore the experience and recommendation of the parquet laying company CB Concept Sárl in liaison with the Pallmann consultant which lead to the application of the 2K-parquet sealant Pall-X 98, a lacquer system for highly trafficked timber floors which met all the client’s requirements.

This water-based sealing system is specifically suitable for the surface treatment of sanded parquet or other timber floors in heavily frequented areas such as in schools, retail areas, hospitals and the like. Another area it is commonly recommended for is gymnasiums as it is EN 14904 certified for sport floor suitability. Pall-X 98 also offers exceptional properties against extreme mechanical and chemical wear. This has been verified by obtaining GISCODE W3+/DD and complying with TRGS 617.

The application of this coating system starts with the thorough mixing of the two components A and B (hardener), followed by a plentiful but even application to the floor using the Pallmann application roll WL for water-based lacquers.

The application started on the edges and progressed to the centre of the room first across the grain and then parallel to the grain. After the first coat dried thoroughly, an intermediate sanding followed using a Pallmann Uno rotary machine with the 120 grit Pallmann multi-hole pad, before works progressed to the second coat of lacquer.


Once the refurbishment works were completed it was evident how much of the craftsman’s outstanding skills went into the floor refurbishment. The visual result proved that the refurbishment was well worth the effort, resulting in the successful reinstatement of the original parquet floor design. Pallmann parquet products were essential to this success story with their fulfilment of highest requirements on visual appearance and the extended life span of the floor.