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In comparison to conventional wood flooring sanding machines the PALLMANN COBRA has been designed in such a way that it makes effective use of its full 190mm sanding width.

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Pilatus aircraft works 

2,600 sqm sealed with PALL-X 98 of the PALLMANN brand

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Renovation of the Bedford school in England

  • Brand: Pallmann
  • Country: International

Würzburg, October 2013

Founded in 1550 Bedford school is an independent school for boys run by the Harper trust charity, apart from its excellent academic record, the school is well known for sports development indeed its former pupils include the runner Harold Abrahams and more recently the current England cricket captain, Alistair Cook.

When the impressive Great Hall floor in the main building needed renovation the school called for the expertise of local wood-floor craftsman Mick Thompson, whose long standing reputation and connections with the school ensured that the work would be carried out within time and budget and to a high standard.

Mr Thompson chose to apply 3 coats of Pallmann Extreme lacquer for its hard wearing  quality and stunning finish appearance. The primer coat was Pall-X 325 which provided a full bodied base for the system.

Remarkably he carried out all 600 square metres of the work himself, a testament to his hard work and the ease of application of the Pallmann system.