Efficient working
In comparison to conventional wood flooring sanding machines the PALLMANN COBRA has been designed in such a way that it makes effective use of its full 190mm sanding width.

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Pilatus aircraft works 

2,600 sqm sealed with PALL-X 98 of the PALLMANN brand

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The right product for wood floors …

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Woodflooring a true piece of nature

The most beautiful PALLMANN references worldwide!

  • Brand: Pallmann
  • Country: International

The PALLMANN wall calendar 2016 show the most beautiful references worldwide in fascinating pictures.  Excellent objects – perfectly displayed. From Germany over Sweden to USA. In a short overview we present you all objects.

United Kingdome / Manchester Grammar School
The Manchester Grammer School has established a reputation as one of the top academic schools in the country. It is a 500 year old school whose motto is "dare to be wise". The main school hall floor was coloured an coated with PALL-X 333 COLOR and protected with PALL-X EXTREME 2K. 

Poland / NOSPR
NOSPR is the new home of the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice. This state-of-the-art concert hall, with 1800 seats has had a new wood floor installed using PALLMANN adhesive products and finished with a coloured oil from PALLMANN, the colour produced specifically to the architect‘s order.

Belgium / Culture centre
The culture centre in Aalst includes an information office, in which tourists can inform themselves about the city Aalst and can ask cultural questions. The wood floor in this office was renovated with PALLMANN products.

Czech Republic / Hotel Zámek Valeč
During the renovation of the Knight’s Hall of the Hotel Zámek Valeč an oak wood was laid and coloured with PALL-X 333 COLOR A/B in black and red-brown and then coated with PALLMANN lacquer. Since renovation the hotel, which is in the grounds of Castle Valeč has become a popular event location with historic and modern rooms.

France / Chateau de Pourtalès
The Château de Pourtalès is a wonderful hotel and a location for courses, events and weddings in Straßbourg. An old Versailles panel wood floor was discovered during the renovation work, and was brought back to life with PALLMANN products.

Sweden / SK Mat & Människor
The Restaurant SK Mat & Människor in Göteborg is one of Swedens best dining venues. The wood floor, a mixture of old and smoked oak, was finished with MAGIC OIL 2K ERGO.

Switzerland / Military aircraft museum 
The military aircraft museum in Payerne (Western Switzerland) needed to expand its wood floor area with an additional 1900 square meters. PALL-X EXTREME a water based lacquer for high traffic areas was used.

Netherlands / Cito Motors, Aston Martin
In 2014 Citio Motors celebrated the new opening of their purpose designed building for the British sports car brand Aston Martin. The wood floor was finished with PALLMANN products.

Austria / Hotel Schloss Seefels Relais & Chateaux
The five-star hotel, Schloss Relais & Châteaux lies directly on the Austrian Wörthersee, where stars from the worlds of music, film and sports are regularly guests. The wood floor in the busy bar area was renovated with the PALLMANN X-LIGHT SYSTEM.

Germany / Appartment
In this apartment in Stuttgart, renovation work was done with PALLMANN products for a heelthy and environmentally friendly wood floor. A healthy enviroment is no longer just a trend, more and more people demand it when renovating a wood floor.